The P2B revolution

Backed by a team of finance and property experts, Credit Peers is focused on driving real change. Together we aim to improve the accessibility, transparency and practical benefits of property lending.

You can now lend to property companies investing in major commercial property acquisitions and developments. That’s an opportunity previously only available to property professionals and institutional investors. We make this asset class accessible with a simple process and an entry level minimum loan value of £500.

That’s the P2B revolution.

Our goal for P2B

We launched Credit Peers because we recognised there was a lack of existing P2B property lending options backed by real experience in the finance and property fields.

We aim to make P2B property lending accessible and profitable for everyone. Not only for professional lenders but for the public as well. We intend to drive change and improve the accessibility, transparency and practical benefits of property lending; helping borrowers and lenders join the lending revolution.

Experienced Team

Credit Peers' founding partners have over 100 years of collective real estate lending and investment experience, a large network of contacts in the investment and finance sector and a strong track record in origination and underwriting. We are confident that we will constantly provide attractive lending opportunities for private and institutional lenders alike.

We believe this makes us unique in relation to other property lending platforms in the UK and Europe. Our experience makes us confident that we are able to identify the best approach to lending and borrowing.

Our Views

As a team with over 100 years of combined experience in the real estate lending and investment markets we have lots of thoughts and opinions we’re happy to share. One of our core beliefs is that real estate lending is about to fundamentally change. Read our blog to find out more.


Though we like to concentrate on making your money work harder for you, from time to time we make announcements in the form of press releases.

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