Right place. Right time.

Our Peer-to-Business platform couldn’t be easier for borrowers.

If you are a professional property owner or property company, you've come to the right place. We are open to financing residential portfolios, office, retail, industrial, logistics and hospitality assets.

A fast decision

The Credit Peers team has decades of experience in the finance and property sectors. So we know that time is money. We promise you a decision in principle within 48 hours. You must commit at least 15% of your own equity to the transaction.

Property investors and developers have the opportunity to enjoy attractive rates, a quick decision making process and a flexible approach while still dealing with an experienced team of property lenders. We believe there's never been a better time to borrow. So get in touch with Credit Peers today.

Why borrow with Credit Peers?

  • Better rates than traditional debt and mezzanine funds
  • Fast decisions
  • Experts in underwriting & risk assessment
  • Non-recourse lending (SPVs only)
  • Loans of up to £12 million, secured via a first or second legal charge
Source funds for high value properties
Source funding between £1m - £12m
Our process is designed to be 100% secure

How it works

Sign up

Register your company as a borrower, it only takes a few minutes. You will be subject to a Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering check. These happen online in real-time and will not delay the registration process.

Apply online

Let us know your financing needs and provide us with the necessary documents to review your loan request.

Get a quote

After carefully reviewing your application and required documents, a decision will be made within 48 working hours to determine if your property meets our criteria and your assets provide tangible security over your loan.

Review & accept rates and terms

Once terms are agreed, funding can take place within a few weeks. We believe in transparency throughout the lending process. All fees will be disclosed. We bring together both individuals and institutions who can match the criteria of an individual loan. We aim to connect the right lenders with the right borrowers, so both parties can benefit from the best rates.

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