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Become a part of the community that is redefining property lending and earn fixed interest rates of up to 10% p.a. on your money.

Tired of receiving little or no returns on your money? Credit Peers seeks to provide the compelling solution. You can select the property that you put your funds towards. Or choose the Automatch options and our expert team can make the selection for you. We aim to keep the process simple and transparent.

Why lend through Credit Peers?

  • Fund commercial properties, such as office buildings, hotels, and residential portfolios
  • Earn fixed interest rates of up to 10% p.a.
  • Your loan is always protected by a legal charge – like a mortgage
  • Diversify your loan portfolio by making multiple loans
  • Lending is free and you do not pay a fee
  • Start lending from £500
  • Enjoy a transparent process and easily manage and monitor your loan portfolio online
  • Only lend to vetted borrowers and properties
  • Benefit from 100 years of collective property finance & investment experience

Your Lending Options

Depending on your desired level of involvement you can choose between specific properties or try our Automatch option.

Pick a Property

Select the specific property you would like to lend your money towards from our portfolio. As well as the individual loan parameters that you put your funds towards. Credit Peers will facilitate the deal with the goal of maximising your return and keeping your money secure.


If you don’t wish to select a specific asset, use Automatch and the Credit Peers team will match your funds against assets that meet your predefined criteria. This can include the Loan-to-Value ratio, interest rate and loan duration. Applying our expertise, we then select the right property and aim to deliver the best possible return.

How it works
Start lending within minutes

Get started

It’s free and it only takes five minutes to complete our online registration form. To verify your identity we will need a scan or a picture of an identity document.

Fund your Credit Peers account

Conveniently and securely fund your Credit Peers account by bank transfer or credit / debit card.

Choose a lending option

Pick a specific loan from the portfolio of Properties, or select a Loan Book in Automatch.

Make money

Relax and look forward to fixed interest rates on your loans of up to 10% p.a.

Lender security

  • All loans are secured against commercial and residential properties via a first or second legal charge.
  • We lend up to 85% of Loan-to-Value and never more, requiring all borrowers to invest their own equity which is at risk before your loan.
  • We cut out the unnecessary middlemen to help make both lending and borrowing more transparent and more cost efficient.
  • We only accept experienced borrowers whose assets provide tangible security.
  • We offer sophisticated loan opportunities equivalent to those normally only available to banks.
  • Our founding partners have over 100 years collective experience in the top tier investment banking and property markets. We carefully analyse every loan application, every borrower, their business operations and the underlying properties to be financed.
  • Every loan application is subject to a comprehensive due diligence check involving third party consultants such as those who provide RICS valuations, technical and environmental reports.
  • Your money will be held in a secure, segregated bank account with a third-party custodian at Barclays Bank, a UK regulated financial institution, until transferred to the borrower.

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